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This video explains how one can login to rediffmail  in detail in a step by step manner. It also explains all the features of rediffmail login and later the functionality of rediffmail inbox.

Short Overview about rediffmail . 

Rediffmail is the free email service provided by India’s leading independent internet portal    One of the most popular email services in India having millions of users . Rediffmail is now rebranded as REDIFFMAIL NG -The Next Generation Rediffmail.

Rediffmail Login explained.

www.rediff,com is the site which is used to login to the rediffmail portal . Upon clicking on the rediffmail logo user is prompted to enter his/her  user name password  in a popup similar to the one shown below.

rediffmail login window

Upon entering the user name and password  , the user has an option to keep himself signed on to rediffmail if he/she is using own PC for accessing . This option of rediffmail login  is usefull , but also is harmful when accessed from a shared PC like a Cyber cafe.  Would have preferred if rediffmail login did not have  this as the default option .

Using Rediffmail Service

Once logged in user can choose between classic version of rediffmail meant for slower internet connections and the Rediffmail NG version meant for faster internet connections. The search functionality of on both rediffmail NG and rediffmail classic  leaves a lot to be desired  as it takes ages to search the content . This feature is so important if you are offering unlimited storage that i cannot underline it more than anything as i am considering to change my email account from rediffmail to gmail due to this simple reason of not having a search functionality.

Rediffmail NG inbox after login

We will first tackle the Rediffmail NG version which is meant for faster internet connections.   With this rediffmail has tried to bring gmail type of functionalities  by making the  inbox ajax enabled . This means that one can read the email  without having to reload the page.

rediffmail after login

The rediffmail also provides  a service from which one can send free sms to Airtel, Loop Mobile, Vodafone, MTNL or Reliance subscriber from the rediffmail window itself. To do this one has to select the “send sms”  link and then enter the number followed by the message.

Rediffmail classic inbox

For slower connections one may use the rediffmail classic access  . User can switch between the modes by clicking on the “classic”  or ” Take me to new rediffmail” buttons.

rediffmail classic login

The rediffmail classic is the older version of the service and is suited for slower speeds of internet connection. This does not work with ajax technologies hence  all new emails will open in another page.

Rediffmail login via Andriod App

Another method of doing rediffmail login is to use  it the rediffmail NG mobile app on andriod . One needs to download the app from the google play store  and then install it. The installation itself is pretty straight forward and once we accept the End user Licence agreement it prompts us to sign in using our rediffmail username and password.

rediffmail mobile inboxrediffmail login screen on mobile app


Once logged in a good decent interface is presented by rediff  but it is not to my liking due to the pink colors used which gives it a feminine appearance. The app allows users to access the calender which is configured in the inbox on the desktop and addition to read/write functionality of email.  Must say that rediff has kept the interface clean and simple. The andriod app also allows you to make changes to inbox like creating folders , updating signature etc. All in all a pretty neat app  , but would have liked the search functionality to be on the main screen rather than some where inside.

The video below gives a demonstration of how login to rediffmail via your android app .

Written by  Avinash MB



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