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This video explains how one can login to www.rediffmail.com inbox  in detail in a step by step manner. It also explains all the features of rediffmail include SMS service , Rediffmail Mobile app , Rediffmail Classic etc.Watch this video to understand rediffmail login.

Short Overview about rediffmail 

 Update : During the last few days we have been  observing the Rediffmail service is not performing to the satisfaction . There are constant problems due to which some times we face issues like site is not accessible or emails are received  late.  Unless they make the service foolproof, people would shift to Gmail as it provides superior service . If you want to retain this account but move to gmail , one option is to but POP3 access at Rs 300/year from www.rediff.com and configure POP3 account on Gmail .

www.rediffmail.com is the free email service provided by India’s leading independent internet portal rediff. One of the most popular email services in India having millions of users . They are now rebranded as NG -The Next Generation rediffmail.

www.rediffmail.com is the site which is used to login to the portal (in fact it leads to rediff site  where you need to click on the Logo). Upon clicking the logo, user is prompted to enter his/her  user name password.

www.rediffmail.com window

Upon entering the user name and password, the user has an option to keep himself signed on if he/she is using own PC for accessing. This option of www.rediffmail.com is useful, but also harmful when accessed from a shared PC like a Cyber cafe.  Would have preferred if they had not made this as the default option.

Using www.rediffmail.com inbox

Once logged in user can choose between classic version, meant for slower internet connections and the NG version meant for faster internet connections. The search functionality of www.rediffmail.com on both NG and classic  versions leave a lot to be desired  as it takes ages to search the content.

NG version

We will first tackle the NG version which is meant for faster internet connections. With this www.rediffmail.com has tried to bring gmail type of functionality by making the rediffmail inbox ajax enabled. This means that one can read the email without having to reload the page.


This also provides  a service from which one can send free sms to Airtel, Loop Mobile, Vodafone, MTNL or Reliance subscriber from inside the window itself. To do this, one has to select the “send sms”  link and then enter the number followed by the message.

Classic version

For slower internet connections, one may use the www.rediffmail.com classic access. User can switch between the modes by clicking on the “classic”  or ” Take me to new” buttons.

www.rediffmail.com classic window

Classic version is the older version of the service and is suited for slower speeds of internet connection. This does not work with ajax technologies hence  all new emails will open in another page.

NG -mobile

In keeping up with times, they also has launched a mobile version of  their service.  This allows you to access their emails on your mobile. But this comes at a monthly charge of Rs 50 (no data access charges). This  service called as NG Mobile  can be accessed from most mobiles and as they have a tieup with service provides all data access charges (GPRS) charges for www,rediffmail.com will be waived off by the operators.

www.rediffmail.com NG Mobile

Click here to see list of compatible handsets <Mobile Handset>

To use this service one has to buy “NG with RediffTouchNet” account online by using your credit card  (other payment options too possible).

Compare rediffmail with Gmail – where do they stand

rediffmail mail has 25 million customers in India and now that we are getting gmail as an option hence i am comparing the two to make the decision on whether once should move from one to another.  If you don’t have a rediff account, then it is best to use gmail  directly and there is no dilemma. So let me compare gmail versus rediffmail.

Pros of  Rediff ‘s Email service

  1. Its user interface works well with slow connections especially the classic version.

Cons of  Rediff ‘s Email service versus gmail

  1. Gmail’s search is far superior and this is the biggest problem facing the other. The search offered by rediff is elementary (at best) and does not work if you have large amounts of email stored in the mailbox. This is unpardonable for a service offering unlimited storage.
  2. Gmail also scores  with features like priority inbox which shows all emails from  frequently accessed contacts hence making it easy to sort through important emails . But this feature is only for professional users and does not hold much value for a normal Indian user.
  3. Online chat within the mailbox . All contacts to which you have emailed will showup in the chat window within the email inbox itself for chatting and this is a neat function because most times email is not the best means to discuss topics . Rediff does not offer this feature, though it does offer rediff bol instant messenger service.
  4. Gmail also organizes all related emails in a sort of transactions hence making it easy to corelate the whole email conversation. This is not there in rediff .
  5. Last but not the least it also backed by Google technology hence is always on unlike rediff which does go down a few number of times in the year .
  6. Gmail has advanced features like auto suggest of people to be included in an email

Demographics of rediffmail users

This can be derived from the rediff.com’s demographics and it is an interesting information as it provides insights on how it has managed to survive the scare of scores of Indian portals.

Traffic Rank in India and world

As per Alexa www.rediff.com is ranked as the 9 most popular website from India and around 159 th website in the overall traffic in the world. This makes it an very influential brand in India and rightly so as it has invested in building the portal over so many years.

Countries from where visitors visit the most

rediffmail is mostly used in India and other markets where we have substantial portion of India diaspora . Thus it is no surprise to find 90% of traffic from India and then around 3.5 % traffic from USA and the rest slit across UK , UAE and other states. Another think to note as per Alexa is despite rediff.com being a large portal most of its traffic i.e around 40% comes from rediffmail this shows how influential the email service is.

Tidbits on Rediff

  • www.rediff.com has 95 million registered users and around 30% of them are using the email services so this puts the number of active users for the email service to be around 30 million which is a big number considering that india has only 40 million internet connections. As per Alexa more than 90% of the visitors using their email service are from India and the remaining are mainly concentrated in US, Uk and other countries.
  • They were one of the first Indian website and email service  to be advertised on TV using the slogan “Lighting Fast
  • They were the first email service to offer unlimited storage ahead of others like yahoomail , gmail etc.


Written by Avinash MB



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